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Funeral Flowers Delivery During All Saint's Day and All Souls' Day are highly sought after. We have to admit this is one of the busiest days of the year for us. Since we are the best these are the also the best times to send funeral flowers to friends and love ones. Our online store specializes in funeral flowers and we offer free delivery in and around metro manila.  We are the only one online shop with a very easy to use filter. it can help you filter your desired funeral flower by simply typing it in our search bar and using our filters. Our funeral flower filters help you sort items per category, price range, sort price from high to low or low to high and more. Like we said we are the best in funeral / sympathy flowers. For more information for delivery kindly check our delivery locations found here delivery locations. This pandemic has been very hard for everyone. A lot of people have lost their jobs and some even their business. As well all know losing a job or a business is a big challenge for any one, fortunately we Filipinos are very resilient. As we strive to survive we tend to search for other forms of business that is in need or timely. Most of us found shelter delivering goods to people as most of us can't go out. These includes food, shipping, grocery and delivery of flower and funeral flowers. As we reach this point as of october 20,2021 In Philippines alone, from January 3 2020 to 3:40pm CEST, October 28 2021, there have been 2,768,849 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 42,348 deaths, reported directly to the World health Organization or WHO. As of 20 October 2021, a total of 54,444,161 vaccine doses have been administered. Globally or worldwide as of 3:40pm CEST, October 28 2021, there have been 244,897,472 confirmed cases of COVID-19, this  includes 4,970,435 deaths, reported again directly to the WHO. As of October 28 2021, a total of 6,838,727,352 vaccine doses have been administered. The type of vaccines was not included in the WHO report for more information on this kindly see covid19-report.



thefuneralflowerdelivery is an online store owned by Flower Patch Shop Inc.Flower Patch opened on May 4, 2012 and is located at 38A Pearl St. corner C.Raymundo Ave. Doña Juana Subd. Rosario Pasig. 

Owners have complete understanding about flowers and in the industry due to decade of experience before Flower Patch. We are very confident of the quality of our flowers, designs and service. We see to it that we pay attention even to the tiniest detail and keep our designs presentable, elegant and dynamic to help customers nurture and enhance their relationships with the important people of their lives. Posted flower arrangements are all our actual designs and orders of our valued clients and were not downloaded from the internet.



Sympathy flower delivery is our specialty and funeral flower arrangement with free flower delivery. We are the best sympathy flowers delivery with free flower delivery to Metro Manila Philippines. We specialize on funeral flowers delivery and arrangement with free flower delivery. We are the best funeral flowers delivery with free flower delivery in all parts of Metro Manila Philippines. We can prove it simply because it is our specialty and our main product line. Not only that, our funeral flowers delivery services are genuine and original funeral flowers arrangements, free flower delivery with same day delivery


 Fathers Day-07142021


To all fathers, we warmly great you happy father's day from your funeral flowers delivery. Father's day is a great day to celebrate family. In our culture in the Philippines father's are a symbol of strength, safety and security. Specially these days of the ongoing pandemic fathers are the ones who go out and do outdoor related activities like work, groceries, market, suppliers and others. During this pandemic it has been a great challenge for everyone, for the whole family. Specially to fathers and mothers out there who lost their jobs. The pandemic has been a great upset for everyone, for the whole world in fact. Fathers are now more than ever burdened with what the future holds. It has been  more than a year since the covid 19 pandemic has spread and the effects are deevastating. To fathers who continue to work hard and search for a living for us, their families we, at funeral flowers delivery, salute you with love and applause.



This is our featured article for this Month. Mother's Day is a typically a happy day of celebration. But for those who have lost their mom, the second Sunday in May can be somewhat difficult. In this world no one is prepared in losing someone they love, especially when it is your mom. A connection between mother and child is exceptional. For a girl, they are that support that is so crucial during those teenage years. For boys, they are a female presence that guide and teaches respect and love. Mothers provide a shoulder to cry on and are a never ending wealth of advice. A mother’s love is genuine and losing someone like that is never easy.

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